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Then the lampshade smiled at me - it said believe, it said believe.

Atra Materia
6 September 1979
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Curriculum Vitae

The Many Spaces Cadet is a girly, girly girl, grown-up in body but not in mind, who shares a toaster-box of a house with her mother due to chronic illness on the part of both. Owned by two cats and a dog who's far too smart for anyone's good, she enjoys reading, role-play, sewing, and dreaming of the day when she comes into a laboratory with an aquarium big enough to host the colossal squid to which her enemies are fed. In the meantime, she gets her microscope fix by volunteering to study samples at the barn where, as of yet, she has never broken a nail.

Regarding Friending / Being Friended Back

A comment is appreciated if you add me and would like to be added back. Be aware that I may not if I don't feel I'll do more than simply skim over your entries, and that I'm unlikely to do so for journals that post mostly quizzes or memes. Getting offended about it is a good way to make sure I won't.

In addition, please note that due to recent events, I am being more selective about who is allowed access to friends-only content on my journal. If you know me from another community, be a dear and let me know who you are and where you're from?

Regarding Filters

A number of my entries are friends-only, generally due to intensely-personal subject matter, extreme pettiness, or adult content. If you find these entries unsettling or offensive, feel free either to scroll past or remove me from your flist. Harassing me about it will result in removal from mine.

Regarding Journal Content in General

Unless otherwise noted, all content in thedarkmaterial is © 2001-Present Atra Materia. Fics and fanart that utilize the works of others will be posted with disclaimers alluding to such. If logs from other mediums are posted, the portion of the conversation provided by others is © them, again unless otherwise noted.

Public posts in thedarkmaterial may be linked to freely, if for some reason you find them that interesting. Lord knows I hand out strange things. The contents of my non-public entries are intended to be exactly that. Those that are not locked completely are accessible only to people that I, thus far, have no reason not to trust. I have no desire to have them viewed by anyone else, and while I realize that there is no guarantee of security on the internet, I would like to assume that I can trust the few people I do. To that end, if you are able to view these entries, please do not repost them in whole or part, repeat the information contained in them, or give access to users not on my flist through any other means, either manual or automated.

Credit where credit is due:

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