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So much rain on my parade.

Belmont Day.

Not so much excitement this year with no Crown on the line, and paticularly without the Nyquist/Exaggerator reshowdown. Even I'm not as hyped as I usually am. But I'm still here.

Of course, last year is still on everyone's minds anyway - will be for who knows how long. They show Pharoah pulling ahead, crossing that wire, and it's still just like it was then, still makes me cry. (It's like Barbaro, but in a good way.)

You are my King. A-l-w-a-y-s.

Exaggerator's a nice horse. I've never said he's not. But it's hard to get on the Exaggeration train when you've been a Nyqueen for so long. It would be nice for the Desormeaux brothers if he won. Kent in particular has had a rough ride, has been suspended a few times due to alcoholism, and actually checked himself into rehab between the Preakness and the Belmont. So Exaggerator's got the heartstrings to pull, I guess. I'd kind of like to see Lani get one, just because I like those greys and I like international friends.

Suddenbreakingnews (one of three co-second favourites) was raced as gelding up through the Derby, but after he failed a post-race test for elevated testosterone levels, it was looked into and they discovered he's actually what they call a ridgling, a cryptorchid with two undescended testicles. So what they think happened was he was scheduled to be gelded, but because he looked and acted like a gelding and there were no jolly balls to be found, everyone thought it had already been done.

(A Jolly Ball is actually a toy you can buy for horses to play with. So. Horse joke. XD)

Horses in the paddock, and jockeys on the way down. Exaggerator breaks toward the outside, post 11. None of the commentators are picking him. He's run in all three, he may be tired, and aside from Pharoah, no favourite has won the Belmont since Afleet Alex in 2005. (Alex! Another of my love babies. <3) There's rain on the horizon, though, and if it hits before - or during - the race, that could be his edge.

Four living Triple Crown-winning jockeys giving the call for riders up together. Amazing.

Is that a chick doing call to the post? 0.o

Lots of grey. Destin, Cherry Wine, Gettysburg (who was entered as a rabbit for a stablemate, ugh), Lani, Creator...

Into the gate.

Gettysburg to the front, as expected. Destin just off. Exaggerator sitting back. No rain yet. Exaggerator fading, Lani's coming! Lani!

Holy crap! A three-way grey finish! Creator and Destin in a photo, Lani for third.

It's Creator! Wow. I blame the rabbit. Things never go well when there's a rabbit.

And now it rains. All over Exaggerator's not-parade. >_<