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One more fairytale

One more new world fairytale, that's all about the glitter and gold, and not a lecture about wolves and the wood.

One more happy ending.

(But how many are you allowed to have?)

I remember saying during last year's Dubai Cup that it was like America on overdrive; everything had to be the biggest, the richest, the best. And then someone in America said, "Whaaat? No. We need one that'll put even this to shame!" And now we've got the Pegasus Cup, where buy your slot a year in advnce whether you've got a horse or not, and if you don't run 1-2-3, you won't even come close to making your money back.

But Chromie's in it, so that's okay.

He's back up against Arrogate, Baffert's big grey monster who nicked him in the Classic last year. As far as anyone, everyone's concerned, it's a two-horse race. Everyhorse else is just along for the ride. Arrogate has post 1, so he'll be able to save ground on the inside (but the rail, sometimes that's where they'll box you in). He'll have to break clean and fast to avoid the traffic. Chrome goes from post 2. He'll may be clear, but he'll have to travel wide and make up ground, and horses don't win from post 12 at Gulfstream (or at least, not often).

(But he's not any horse.)

(You want it because you love him, because you always have, because you always want them to go out on top, but you want it to to show them this is why you let them run past three, this is why you don't yank them off the track as soon as they'll start making good money for the shed; this is why you give us someone to love for so long, and we'll prove that we'll love them that long, too.)

And you know. You know what tomorrow is.

So let me have one more shine (and then we can find a new diamond).

(Related, or not: Chrome's dam, Love the Chase, foaled a Tapit colt a few days ago. He is CUTE. Got the craziest lightning bolt blaze down his face. So she'll be bred again, soon - and she's going to Pioneer of the Nile. Pharoah's daddy. Someday, somewhere, there's going to be a horse who's a half-sibling to both Chrome and Pharoah.)

Twenty minutes out. Chrome's coming down, saddle already on. And there's Arrogate. They're co-favourites, both at even money.

(There are some exceedingly stupidly commercials promoting the Cup. I feel like they're a joke I'm supposed to get, but I don't.)

Riders up, and it's like a bell for Pavlov's dogs (or the opening gate). I hear it and my heart starts racing.

And call to the post. They come onto the track, post parade - (Hey! Is that Smokey with Arrogate?) - and there it is, the screaming for Chrome.

The sun's going down, gold through the trees.

Arrogate's the new favourite. Chrome just behind.

(Oh, that HAS to be Smokey. His mane is full of Juddmonte-coloured puffs lolol.)

(...I'm sorry, whut? Did they just say Arrogate's running with a special shoe because he has, or had, an abcess? The fuck!)

Up to the gate.

He goes in clean. And off.