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Argh head-bobs

On the way back to the barn after winning last year's Belmont Oaks, an unbeaten turf horse named Lady Eli stepped on a nail and developed laminitis in both front feet. Life-threatening for any horse (we know that all too well, don't we); for a racehorse, almost certainly career-ending.


It wasn't. She beat the laminitis, she came back from a year-long layoff and ran second her first race back, won her second, and...

Just got beaten by half a nose in the Breeders' Cup. X_x (Not that anyone is any less proud of her, because holy shit amazing to come back and race again at all, let alone race like that. It's just very immediately familiar. ^^' )

European turf horses. Ugh. >_> (Turf racing is bigger over there than it is here, I think, and when they come over for ours, they kick our asses. A lot. But sometimes we go over and kick theirs on the dirt HI TEPIN!)

(She was very far back, too. For a while I was afraid she might get boxed in. But when the jockey let her go, oh, did she go.)